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Reinventing the smoothie

Renovo is a unique smoothie and juice bar in Santa Monica, California offering nutritional drinks, food and supplements that supply your body with what it needs to thrive. Our mission is to rebuild your health by redefining what a smoothie should be. Using the guidelines from Dr. Barry Sears, author of “The Zone Diet,” by carefully calculating and considering the ratio of carbs, healthy fats, protein, and sugar per drink.

Renewing Your Health with Every Smoothie

Renovo’s delicious smoothies average at least 1/3 less sugar of commercial smoothie chains.Spiked blood sugar levels only have negative health consequences, including obesity, inflammation, fatigue, depression, mental confusion and cellular death! We take great care in providing products that will keep your blood sugar levels stable, resulting in a direct increase in sustained energy and overall wellness.

The Difference You Can Feel

By eating the typical Western diet, consumers are essentially digging their grave with their teeth without even realizing it. Renovo seeks to educate customers by revealing nutritional truths so they can make informed decisions and apply this knowledge to all of their food choices. Whether you are an athlete looking to optimize your workout, an individual looking for a convenient, revitalizing meal replacement or a mom who cares about your family’s health, Renovo is committed to renewing your health and providing you with the highest level of

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